Laodikeia Ancient City is 6 km from Denizli Province. is located in the north. Hellenistic city, BC In the middle of the 3rd century, the Seleucid King II. It was founded by Antiochus in the name of his wife Laodike. B.C. In 130/129, the region was completely connected to Rome (first the Republic, then the Empire). The city, which has one of the first 7 churches of Christianity, became a religious center at the metropolitan level during the Early Byzantine Period. Excavations in Laodikeia revealed the existence of uninterrupted settlements in the Early Chalcolithic Period (Copper Age, from 5500 BC to the 7th century AD. Laodikeia has important archaeological remains. Among its important and surviving structures; Anatolia's largest stadium (285x70 m.), 2 theaters, 4 bath complexes, 5 agoras, 5 nymphaeums, 2 monumental entrance gates, Bouleuterion, temples, Peristyle houses, Latrina, churches and Monumental streets can be counted.Necropolis areas surround the four sides of the city.Laodikeia is very important for the Christian world.Because the city has had a religious feature such as being a Holy Pilgrimage Center since the 4th century AD. The discovery of the Church of Laodicea in a city where revelation was sent on behalf of its church increases this sanctity even more. M.S. It was made with the Edict of Milan in 313, when it was free. In this respect, it preserves its feature of being one of the oldest and most important holy structures of the Christian world, and for this reason, the structure is a pilgrimage church.