Lake Eğirdir is a freshwater lake located within the borders of Isparta province, formed by tectonic and karstic effects.

Lake Egirdir

With latitudes 35° 37′ 41″ North – 38° 16′ 55″ North; It is located between 30° 44′′ 39″″ East – 30° 57′ 43″ East longitude. The lake, which has steep rocks and a flat and shallow bottom, has a coastline of 150 km. The section located in the north of Kemer Bosphorus in Eğirdir Lake is known as Hoyran, and the section located in the south is known as Eğirdir section.

The surface area of ​​Lake Eğirdir varies depending on the water use of people. Some of the sinkholes, especially in the western parts of the lake, which has a karstic structure, have been closed. Many pumping stations have been established by DSI in the lake to be used for different purposes (drinking water, agriculture, etc.). Another of the most important features of Lake Eğirdir is its connection with the sea. The waters coming to Kovada Lake via the Kovada channel were draining from the Kovada Valley to the Aksu Stream and from there to the Mediterranean by karstic routes. For the last twenty years, the waters of the lake have been coming to Karacaören I and II dams built on the Çandır Plain. There is the Kovada Canal of 22 km, which forms the natural connection between Lake Eğirdir and Lake Kovada. Kemer Strait; It narrows in the East-West direction and causes the lake to have a two-part view with a distance of approximately 1.8 km (which differs depending on the water level in the lake).