It was designed to forever remember the Dardanelles Wars, where unprecedented heroic stories were experienced in Turkey, and to convey the spirit of Çanakkale to the new generations and to contribute to the development of this spirit.


In our center, which is a first in Turkey; With advanced simulation techniques, three-dimensional projections are made in two of the 11 different animation rooms, and important sections of the Çanakkale Wars are explained to our guests in 63 minutes with moving platforms in three separate rooms. In addition, speeches with headphones are provided in seven different languages ​​(English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Italian and Arabic) for our foreign visitors.


In our facility, which has 8.600 square meters of indoor usage area, there is an exhibition hall consisting of two floors where the materials used in the Çanakkale Wars and dioramas are exhibited, a library where the works published about the Çanakkale Wars are collected, prayer rooms designed to serve two buses for men and women, and a souvenir section. takes. The conference hall, which has a capacity of 142 people and is arranged in two floors, serves our guests with the technical equipment that will allow the screening of conferences and films about the Çanakkale Wars.


The center, which is under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Çanakkale Wars Gallipoli Historical Site Presidency, is far beyond being a museum with all its possibilities. Because the Epic of Çanakkale is in the Promotion Center; Thanks to the innovations brought by technology, many political ambitions, ambitions and ideals, which are the brightest page of the Turkish Nation's history full of countless victories, glory and honor, are knotted; In military terms, we spend the night in this glorious epic, which is unique in the history of the world, where human power, determination and faith, without falling into despair in the face of impossibilities, fought shoulder to shoulder with their hearts beating for the same purpose and shielded their breasts against the latest technology equipment set up by the enemy to drink the sherbet of martyrdom, which is the highest of ranks. We witness a little bit of what our Mehmetçik went through during the day and fought at the cost of their lives to defend their homeland.


From the Ottoman position that day, from the minelayer Nusret, which changed the course of the war, to Seyit Corporal, who sank the British ship Ocean by shouldering the impossible 215-kilogram shell with the help of Niğdeli Ali, to the bombardment of our bandaged places where our wounded Mehmetciks were treated. You will be in every moment of your life and you will visit our center while your hearts are in your mouth and your tears are flowing.


Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center is closed on Tuesdays and serves 6 days a week until 17.00. In our center, which can serve 2,000-2,200 people a day and is open to visitors every day of the year, ticket application is made with an appointment system. Each session is for 50 people and it is recommended that visitors make a reservation in advance by calling 0286 810 00 50 / 51 in order to find free sessions. You must be at our center 30 minutes before your reservation.