The Maiden's Tower is a structure built on a small islet off Salacak, in the part of the Bosphorus, close to the Sea of ​​Marmara, about which various rumors are told and which is the subject of legends.


The tower, which has become the symbol of Üsküdar, is the only artifact left from the Byzantine period in Üsküdar. The tower, which has a history dating back to 24 BC, was built on a small island where the Black Sea meets the Marmara. Some European historians call it Leander Tower. There are many rumors about the tower. Evliya Çelebi describes the tower as follows:


“It is a high tower in the sea, an arrow shot from the land, four corners, artistically made. Its height is exactly 80 (eighty) cubits. Its surface is two hundred steps. It has doors on both sides. „

The foundations of the tower seen today and the important parts of the lower floor belonged to the II. It is the structure of the Mehmed period. The landing around the tower is wide. On a medallion-shaped marble plate above it, Sultan II., who gave the tower its current shape. Mahmud has a tughra dated 1832 from the pen of Calligrapher Rasim. The Eminönü side of the tower is wider and there is also a cistern here.


This island, which hosted a tomb in the Greek period, was used as a customs station with the annex building built in the Byzantine period. In the Ottoman period, many functions were loaded, from the demonstration platform to the defense castle, from the exile station to the quarantine room. It has never lost its primary function of guiding people with its existence for centuries, and the light that winks at passing ships at night. From the past to the future, the Maiden's Tower guides most dreams. The Maiden's Tower was restored in 2000 and has now been transformed into a place where the sounds of cutlery can be heard. Access to the Maiden's Tower is by boat from Salacak and Ortaköy.


The Maiden's Tower, which has a very old history, was once used to collect taxes from the ships passing through the Bosphorus. A large chain was drawn along the tower and the European side, and ships were allowed to pass between the Anatolian side and the Maiden's Tower (they could only pass because the ship sizes were small at that time). After a while, the Tower could not carry the chain and collapsed towards the European Side. When you look into the water from the tower, its ruins can be seen.


The tower, which was known as Arkla (small castle) and Damialis (calf calf) in ancient times, became famous with the name "Tour de Leandros" (Leandros' tower). Now it is integrated with the name of Maiden's Tower and is referred to by this name.